Our Children Are At Risk

Research shows that more than 1 in 5 Americans is a victim of photo *abuse. We are dedicated to sounding the alarm on this pervasive problem and engaging parents like you in the crucial effort to secure the legislative and technological safeguards needed to ensure the online safety of our families.

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*ImageShield® research report, Exploited: How Americans Photo Sharing Puts Them At Risk, September 2023

Make Holidays
Safe for Selfies

Parents need to know that the photos they share of treasured moments can be misused. Our “Safe Selfie Campaign” aims to help parents protect their kids’ holiday selfies the same way we inspect their gifts for harmful parts. Holidays are among the highest volume selfie posting periods during the year, which also means they're times when image abuse can spike.

Safeguard Your Family

Our Mission

Parents for Image Consent (P.I.C.) is driven by the urgent need to protect the digital lives of our families. Our mission is to raise awareness about online image abuse, educate families on how to safeguard their children's digital images, and advocate for the necessary legislative and technological protections required to combat this pervasive issue. Together, we can eliminate online photo abuse and build a better, safer internet for our children.

About P.I.C.

About Parents for Image Consent

P.I.C. is a grassroots coalition of parents working to address the issue of online image abuse, focusing on educating parents and providing tools to protect family images.


Create Greater Awareness

Through research, education, and advocacy, we are dedicated to raising awareness about this pervasive problem that affects 1 in 5 Americans.

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Drive Positive Change

We aim to educate policymakers, technology companies, and parents about the steps we need to take to protect our photos and videos from the abuse of online predators.

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We Can't Do It Without You

Ask any parent who has had a family photo misused, and you'll understand the devastating impact this abuse has on relationships, reputations, and more.  We need your help to effect the legal and technological advances required to combat this problem.

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Cathy Pedrayes, National Spokesperson for P.I.C.

”Research shows more than 1 in 5 Americans is a victim of image abuse, and increases to nearly 1 in 4 for girls 18-30 years old. As parents, it’s concerning to know this is all happening within the “safety” of our children’s smartphones. It is 100% on us to do something about it.”

Media Opportunity

We invite the press to request an exclusive interview with online safety advocate Cathy Pedrayes for compelling insights on how to keep children safe online.
Media Contact: dtarman@perceptualadvisors.com

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Help us make sure there are legislative and technical protections for our families' photos and videos online.  Periodically we'll send you information about how to keep your family safe, and how to join the call for new laws to protect family imagery.

We are serious about your privacy. We don't sell or disclose email addresses. See privacy policy.

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Join us in protecting the security of our loved ones’ images online.

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